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About Oberheiden Law

I started my law firm with the objective of helping individuals who are experiencing pain, injury, distress, or other trauma.  Many law firms today are interested in cases that maximize their financial gain or that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

Oberheiden Law is different.  Our attorneys operate with dedication and passion to help our clients.  If a member of your family has passed from the negligence or recklessness of someone else and you are wondering if you qualify for compensation, give our attorneys a call today.

We will fight to get your family the compensation you deserve from this tragic event.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden

(Founding Attorney)

The Distinguishing Features of Oberheiden Law

Helping Our Clients
With Dedication, Loyalty, and High-Quality Service

Available Nights & Weekends

The attorneys at Oberheiden Law are available during the evening hours, nights, and weekends to help their clients.

Trial Attorneys

Oberheiden Law is composed of a unique blend of senior trial attorneys spread across the nation—all poised and eager to help clients in need.

Major Verdicts & Settlements

Our attorneys have obtained over $6 billion in recoveries, settlements, and verdicts for injured victims and their families.

Thousands of Cases Handled

Our firm has handled thousands of cases obtaining justice for injured victims and their families.

A Team Who Cares

A defining characteristic of our attorneys is their dedication and caring approach towards their clients—one that sets Oberheiden Law apart in the legal community.

No Fees Unless We Win

We do not charge you for our legal services unless we win your case—guaranteed!

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